4 The Taboo When Drinking Asian Nguyen Tea For Good Health

che thai nguyen gia bao nhieuThe taboo when drinking Asian Nguyen tea
Drinking tea in festival che thai nguyen nam 2013 Nguyen appears to be a habit, a culture of Vietnamese people. Asian Nguyen tea is good for your overall health if you drink regularly. But how do we know how to drink Thai Nguyen tea scientifically to ensure our health? Let Xin Xanh Green purchase taboos when drinking tea in the United States.
Xinjiang Green says taboos when drinking Asian Nguyen tea
1 ) Bring or brake Asian Nguyen tea in a hot water bottle
A few people have a behavior of cooking Thai Nguyen tea or Thai Nguyen tea in hot drinking water bottles for drinking. This is not beneficial to drink Thai Nguyen tea, because when heating or braking Thai Nguyen tea at hot temperature, tannic chemical p in Thai Nguyen tea leaves dissolves in normal water much, the perfume is evaporated mostly simultaneously. Nutritional C in leaves Asian Nguyen tea also deconstructed.
If you drink Asian Nguyen tea doing this, not only Thai Nguyen tea is bitter, but also nutrients in Thai Nguyen tea leaves are generally not healthy. Therefore, it is best to keep your Thai Nguyen tea at 80 levels Celsius.
installment payments on your Chewing leaves of Thai Nguyen tea
Nibbling Leaf Thai Nguyen tea and swallowing is a bad habit. During refinement, the composition of sweets in Thai Nguyen tea leaves dissolved due to heat will make some carcinogenic substances such as benzopyrene.
This substance is difficult to dissolve in water, so when the Thai Nguyen Tea drink, will not enter the body. But if you munch directly, the poison will enter the body, triggering long-term cancer.
3. Tea Thai Nguyen immediately after the meal
In Asian Nguyen tea leaves are rich in tannins. If you drink Thai Nguyen tea immediately after eating, proteins and iron in the food will work brought on with tanna acid, triggering dyspeptic, reduce the capability to absorb protein and iron.
The calculations show that, after the meals you make 15 g Thai Nguyen tea drink, the iron absorption in food will be reduced by 50%, long enough to produce iron deficit anemia.
4. Drink Asian Nguyen tea phase long
If the Thai Nguyen tea phase for too much time, the amount of caffeine increased, the result of high stimulation, drinking into annoying. Thai Nguyen tea phase is finished to after some hours will occur chemical reactions, Asian Nguyen tea water will be dull, vitamin N and C components will decompose.
How much tannic acid solution in water Thai Nguyen tea raises for a long time, triggering downside for folks with gout and the crystals disease. Consequently, drinking Thai Nguyen tea after 4-6 minutes is best.

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